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Meet Principal Pamela Hughes
Posted 8/25/20

Gomes Elementary Principal Pamela HughesHow long have you been with FUSD? -  I have been with FUSD for one month.

How long have you worked in education? - This is my 24th year in education.

What is your background? - I did not grow up wanting to be an educator. There are a lot of teachers in my family and I said more than once that I would absolutely never be a teacher. Well, you know the saying “Never say never?” I graduated from high school and went to college for two years and then took a break. The break lasted a few years and finally my mom suggested I become a teacher because teachers have time off in the summer and she knew how much I enjoyed vacation. Luckily for me, I loved teaching. There is absolutely nothing better than the moment when a student who had been struggling finally understands - It’s the best!  I graduated from San Francisco State University and then went to Cal State East Bay for my teaching certificate, administrative credential, and Master’s Degree. I taught for nine years and then was a principal for 14 years before coming to Gomes.

What will you bring to your school? - I will bring lots of experience and enthusiasm, passion for teaching and learning, a firm commitment to equity, and a belief that humor, joy and kindness are essential at school.

What is your educational philosophy? - I believe that all students can achieve at high levels when given the right support. At school, every student must feel valued and safe. It’s truly a gift to be able to help children on their journey through elementary school.

What can students/families expect this year? – This year students/families can expect excellent instruction, rigorous academic content, and a strong school community. Whether we are Distance Learning, here on campus, or a hybrid mix of both, what we do - Educating Students - does not change.

Anything else you’d like the school community to know about you? - I’m very excited to be part of the Gomes community.