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Please Promptly Report Attendance
Posted 9/10/20

Please report ANY of the following: Absences, Early Outs, Appointments, Reasons for Joining Class Late, Internet Connectivity Issues. If the reason the child joined the class late is not provided by the parent by phone or email, it will automatically be marked as an Unexcused Tardy. If no reason is provided for an Absence, it will automatically be marked as an Unexcused Absence.  All Unexcused Absences will result in a robo-call from the District.


By Email:  Pls. send email to: with "Attendance" in the subject line and include the following: student's legal name(s), grade(s),  teacher's name or room number AND REASON for Absence/Joining Class Late/Early Out.  A family can report multiple children in one email as long as they include all the information required for each child.  If student(s) will be absent multiple dates, please list ALL DATES he/she will be absent.  If a student will miss any portion of "classroom time," please indicate exactly when the child will join or rejoin the class or when the child will leave for the day.  


By Phone:  Call Attendance Line at (510) 656-3414, press 7.  Please speak slowly and provide the child's name (SPELL the student's full NAME, no nicknames), Grade, Teacher's name or classroom number, and REASON for Absence/Joining Class Late/Early Out.  


Another alternative is filling out this form and submitting it: