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Policies and Procedures

Click on each item below to learn policy on the following: 

Emergency Procedures

     Read the sections linked from this page so that you know what to expect when there are disasters (e.g. fire, earthquake) or lockdowns at Gomes school. The Gomes fire drill procedure is also here.


Reporting Absence

     Your child’s education is our top priority.  However, when a student is sick, bed rest at home is usually advised.  Therefore, homework may be requested by parents AFTER 2 CONSECUTIVE LEARNING DAYS, which is the 3rd day of the absence.  This time will give your child a chance to completely recover, and return to school as an alert student.  Be assured that your child will be assisted with any work missed during the absence.

Parents and guardians should call the school office recorder at 510-656-3414, press 7 before 9:00 AM to report an absence. Please provide:  
  • Your child's name
  • Grade
  • Teacher's name
  • Dates of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Who is calling and relation to student
  • Phone number
      If you wish to pick up homework, please wait until the third day of your child's absence to make this request. You may then pick it up after 3:00 PM at the office.

Reporting your child absent is important, as our attendance clerk must otherwise call and verify any unexplained absences.

An excused absence is for a doctors appointment, illness or funeral. An unexcused absence is for any other reasons, including family vacation when an Independent Study Contract has not been arranged. Three or more unexcused absences can become a truancy issue.
     We will continue to report the number of absences, tardies, and unverified absences in our weekly bulletins in an effort to keep parents informed and the numbers low. Your assistance is appreciated. 

Visiting the Campus

We care a great deal about the safety of all Gomes students.
     In an effort to ensure a safe environment for our students, all visitors, volunteers, field trip chaperones, safety patrol volunteers, etc. are required to sign in at the office and wear a visitors sticker while on campus. The sticker identifies you to staff and students as you walk around campus during your visit.
     Please do *not* go directly to the classroom before signing in.
We appreciate your cooperation in keeping your children safe at school.


Students who need to take medications during the day must have a Hold Harmless Letter on file in the office.
This form letter is to be completed and signed by the parent and the physician. It must be returned to the school with the medication.
     Medication are kept in the office and administered by the secretary or clerks. Students are not to have their medications in their possession at any time. This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of all students. All medications are subject to this policy including over-the-counter products such as aspirin, cough drops, decongestants, etc. 

Severe Allergies at School

     We have several students that are allergic to foods, especially nuts.  When exposed to nuts and nut oils (especially by eating them, but sometimes just by touching or breathing the oils), these students may break into hives, or even have their airways swell up and they could stop breathing!!!

Please notify the office, our nurse and your child’s teacher if your child has, or develops, such allergies.

If your child requires an EpiPen at school or will need medication, then contact our nurse or the office as there are other forms that will need to be completed.  PLEASE help us to keep all of our students safe and healthy at school. 

Dress Code

     The Fremont Unified School District dress code requires that no part of the torso (stomach) can show. Short shirts and low hop pants are not acceptable for school. The shirt must cover the stomach completely and overlap the pants. In addition, all shoes must have a heel strap and platform shoes and shoes with high heels are inappropriate for school. No colored hair gel, chains, shoes with rollers or tank tops with thin straps. Shorts must reach the thigh. Parents will be called and students sent home if dress is not appropriate for school. Please be aware that clothes in stores do not dictate the dress code at school.


Forgotten Lunch Policy

     One of the 8 Great Trait we teach the children at school is “Responsibility.”

     We remind them that it is their responsibility to ensure items they need at school are with them before class starts.

     However, due to any unforeseen circumstance, your student’s lunch is accidentally left at home; a parent can bring it to school. The parent must first sign in at the office, obtain a dated visitors pass, and drop off the lunch in front, Forgotten Lunch table (under the PTA glass case).

     The parent must first sign in at the office, obtain a dated visitors pass, and drop off the lunch in front, Forgotten Lunch table (under the PTA glass case).  

     A few reminders when bringing lunch from home:

        1) Avoid zip locks and paper bags, these are easy access for the crows and seagulls that sometimes visit the campus.

        2) Avoid glass for safety reasons.

        3) Drop off must be done on or before 11:30 AM.

Lunch Menu & Prices

      The lunch price is $3.50. Reduced price is 40 cents.  Milk is 50 cents.  Online meal pre-payment plan is encouraged at, Quicklinks, click on Child Nutrition Services and then click on Online Meal Applications.  Checks are accepted in the office and must be made out to Gomes CNS and contain the student’s name and room number. 
Access to CNS Website
     The CNS website can be directly accessed on your mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code.
  • Android Phones:  Just focus your camera app on the unique QR code (below)
  • iPhone and Windows Phones:  Download a free QR code reader app and follow the app instructions
     If you are already on a computer, you can go directly to the website at  No matter which way you get there, you will be able to access all the site has to offer, including online Free and Reduced Meal applications, My School Bucks, menus, and much more.​ Please include this information in your school newsletter; parents will find it very helpful.

Bikes, Boards, and Blades

     Bikes may be brought to school at the owners risk. Locks are required and bikes must be walked on campus. The law requires that helmets be worn. Inline skates, scooters and skateboards cannot be used as a means of transportation to and from school.


Classroom Deliveries

     To keep the learning process in the classroom undisturbed, only *emergency* messages will be delivered to students outside of the stated time.   
     Classroom visits for delivery purpose (message/items) are done at the soonest convenient time so it is imperative that arrangements are made and items are brought in before school begins.
     If your child is aware prior to school of you bringing something, your child can visit the office at any time during office hours for pick up with their teacher's permission.

    The following are not considered emergencies:

  • Lunch money, books, homework, projects, personal items, etc.
  • Transportation arrangements must be made in advance.


My School Bucks

     How to use MySchoolBucks 


Traffic Flow

    A reminder to All Parents:

  • Please drop off all students in the two valet areas, (Lemos Lane and Las Palmas Avenue)
  • Please do not park or drop off your children in the staff parking lots or step in spaces marked for Staff, NOT EVEN “FOR A MINUTE”. (Marked and numbered spaces are assigned for staff parking.)
  • Parents who choose not to use the valet system must park safely in a legal parking space and then walk children to and from campus, particularly as they cross the street.

     To keep students safe and traffic flowing, the valet system will be in effect before and after school. Please follow these procedures:

  1. Follow the instructions of the Safety Patrol (adult or student) in charge of the flow of traffic.
  2. Do *not* leave unattended car in the valet line to look for students.
  3. Drivers MAY NOT USE CELL PHONES while dropping off students.
  4. Drivers must stay in line, do not pass the car in front of you.
  5. Drive with caution! Don’t drive while watching your child walk onto the campus/playground. Look for pedestrians and vehicles.
  6. Children must exit at the curb from the passenger side doors, not driver side.
  7. Please DO NOT make a U-turn in front of the school or in the crosswalk. Not only is this illegal in the school zone, but it is very dangerous for drivers and students.
  8. Unless there is an emergency, do *not* use your honk.