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“School is a place of encounter along our journey….At school we are ‘socialized’. We meet people who are different from us, different in age, culture, origin, and ability.” Families and schools should never be in opposition, but they must work together for the good of the child. In the end, I agree with the world leader I previously quoted because I want each student at Gomes to mature and graduate speaking “three languages: the language of the mind, the language of the heart and the language of the hands."

Love, Learn, Lead Together

The presence of cooperative working relationships between parents and school staff is characteristic of an effective school. The Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up the week of November 14-18. During Parent/Teacher Conferences, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with your child’s teacher to discuss his/her progress during the first trimester. This is a wonderful time to share valuable information and to make plans for your child’s continued success. In the past, our overall school attendance rate at

Parent/Teacher Conferences has been extremely high. Thank you for helping to make the education of your child/children a top priority.

The holidays are slowly underway and we encourage everyone to review the Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook, starting page 6.

 to help everyone through their holiday/vacation planning.

A friendly reminder, visit , to view the complete Parent Bulletin.

A few Thank You’s:

To our Gomes families, for the generous giving of your financial resources, time and energy. We are able to maintain a balanced

learning environment that educates the whole child. Thank you to those who volunteer regularly in the classrooms, on the playground, and at lunch time, coordinate experiences and activities, plus many more things behind the scene.

To the Great ShakeOut parent volunteers, for their assistance in making the drill a great success last Thursday, October 20.

Last and certainly not least, to Mrs. Tanaz Sutaria, for holding a successful Book Fair at Gomes during the week of October 17.


Douglas V. Whipple




Ms. Natalie Burgess will be teaching teaching SDC Moderate K-2 in Room 405.

Mr. Kyle Sprickman will be teaching Science Thursday and Friday in Room 414.

Mrs. Lynn Shinohara will be teaching AM Kindergarten Room 202.