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Academic Honesty

Guidelines For Gomes

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been brought to our attention that Hopkins Jr. High and Mission San Jose High have been experiencing serious problems at their school sites with students cheating.  As a result, these school sites have each developed written policies regarding academic honesty.

Because Gomes is a part of the Hopkins/Mission community, we believe it is appropriate for us to support their efforts by developing some guidelines of our own.  We want to remind everyone that HONESTY and INTEGRITY are two of the Eight Great Traits we ask our students to follow.  Furthermore, Gomes students who demonstrate conduct that is dishonest can and will be punished appropriately (i.e. referral, suspension, or possibly even expulsion).  To help everyone more clearly understand and avoid academic dishonesty (cheating), we have established the following:

Academic Dishonesty is:

  • Having daycare, after school programs, or tutoring programs provide tests and/or state adopted curriculum to students

  • Having an older sibling, adult, tutor, or friend help you study by giving you the test in advance

  • Giving or receiving information about a test or quiz before the test or quiz

  • Discussing test questions with a student before he/she takes the test

  • Looking at another student's paper during a test

  • Talking to another student during a test

  • Using notes in any form on a closed book test

  • Using any electronic device to get answers, communicate with others during a test, to send tests and/or answers

  • Writing out answers in advance and submitting them as work done in class or as a test you are taking

  • Copying your friend's workbook or homework that has the answers on it

  • Allowing another student to copy your work that has the answers on it

  • Having an older sibling, adult, tutor, after school day care, or friend help you with your homework by doing problems for you, and turning that work in for credit

  • Submitting the work of another student, or work downloaded from the internet as your own

  • Using information from the internet or from a book, magazine, or other printed material without citing the source

  • Completing work together and submitting it as your own (unless it was group work)

  • Not doing your part in group work

Fremont Unified School District Board Policy regarding academic honesty.