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Important Information

FYI Section

Welcome to Room 204's FYI Section of the website. I will use this section to communicate important information pertaining to our classroom. Listed below are some examples of the types of things you will find here.

  • Requests for specific types of classroom supplies
  • Details on an assignment that may need clarification/modification
  • Updates on classroom activities
  • Reminders
  1. How do I contact Mrs. Mansell? The best way to get in touch with me is by telephone or by sending a note to school with your child.  I will usually reply to messages in the evening because the school day tends to be very busy.  Phone calls and notes are preferred to drop-in visits because I may be teaching or busy with other issues, thereby preventing me from immediately attending to your concerns.
  2. What do I do if my child has forgotten to bring something to school? Please bring forgotten homework, glasses, instruments, etc. to the office, NOT to the classroom as this is very disruptive to instruction.  The office will notify me that you have left something in the office for your child.  Forgotten lunches should be placed on the cart located outside the doors in front of Gomes Hall.
  3. What is the best way to celebrate my child's birthday? Due to possible severe food allergies at Gomes I would prefer that parents DO NOT send food for birthday celebrations.  Some other options are:  donating a novel or supplies to the classroom, fun pencils or erasers, etc.
  • Should you choose to bring a treat, please check with me about allergies, and the food MUST be individually wrapped for each child.  PLEASE BRING NAPKINS!!!
  • NO DRINKS, unless it is bottled water. 

Dear Parents: 

During the next few weeks your child will be bringing home assignments/tests/projects in the Wednesday folder with grades you may consider to be less than satisfactory.  Please don't worry!  Your child is adjusting to the upper grade curriculum and grading policies.  Give your child your full support and offer to help with the studying, but give him/her a chance to work out the 'kinks'.  Your child should improve over time, however if I don't see improvement, I will be contacting you to discuss ways to help your child.  Please be patient as the students work to become independent, self-sufficient learners.